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Tiny DC Motors Category

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Picture of productTiny Pager Motor from Tinkering Supplies

This is is an ultra-small, ultra-fast motor for robotics and science experiments. At 3.7 VDC the motor spins approximately 60,0000 RPM with a no-load current of 55mA and stall current of 420mA. Catalog number: 4481. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: FY0412-Q-228050.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
4481 Add To CartTiny Pager Motor$4.95 In Stock


 Vibrating Motor from Tinkering Supplies

Vibrating Disk Motor - 12mm (0.5") diameter, 3.4mm (0.134") thick. This little vibrating motor is quite unique in that it is fully self-contained - there are no visible moving parts. It provides 1G vibration at 12,000rpm from 3V, drawing less than 80mA. Comes with a premounted sticky-tape strip on the backside for mounting the motor to your project. Wire leads are bonded to the motor for connection to your power source. Catalog number: 3425. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: 3425.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
3425 Add To CartVibrating Motor
1 to 7$4.99
8 to 23$4.49
24 or more$4.24
In Stock


Picture of productVibrating Pager Motor w/ Ecentric Weight from Tinkering Supplies

This is is a small, fast motor with eccentric weight for gadget building and science experiments. At 1.5 VDC the motor spins approximately 8,000 RPM and draws approximately XX mA. Catalog number: 4998. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: VIBMOT2.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
4998 Add To CartVibrating Pager Motor w/ Ecentric Weight
1 to 7$4.99
8 to 23$4.49
24 or more$4.24
In Stock


Picture of productPager Motor from Solarbotics

These factory-fresh (not surplus!) motors are comparable pack a lot of punch in an amazingly small 7mm diamiter package. 1.5V gives 17.5mA free draw current (120mA stall) at 9700 RPM.3V gives 22mA free (260mA stall) at 18,420 RPM.5V operation give 32.1mA free (420 stall) at 31900 RPM! You can use the insulation from 18ga wire as a 1.5mm bushing for this motor. Catalog number: 1202. Brand: Solarbotics. Brand's Part Number: RPM2.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1202 Add To CartPager Motor$5.79 In Stock


Picture of productTiny Pager Motor from Solarbotics

Want to build something itty bitty? Try these: Just 0.158" diameter and an overall length of 0.74" with an output shaft diameter of 0.026".

Performance at 1.5V is 12.4mA unloaded (36.8 mA stall) at 10,100 RPM. At 3V, current is 17.6mA free (73mA stall) at 20300RPM! And just for fun, 5V give 20.3mA free (117mA stall) at 32,500RPM! Catalog number: 1203. Brand: Solarbotics. Brand's Part Number: TPM2.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1203 Add To CartTiny Pager Motor$6.29 In Stock

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