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glyph  Electronic ComponentsICsDrivers and Optocouplers      |       Click here for printer friendly page ...

ULN2003 Darlington Driver - 7Ch from Tinkering Supplies


These darlington drivers let you microcontroller output pins handle loads of up to .5a such stepper motors, relays and incandescent bulbs. Each pin is protected by a clamping diode so the IC can be connected directly to inductive loads. In 16-pin DIP package

Data Sheet

Quick Facts
Catalog Number:1143
Brand:Tinkering Supplies
Brand's Part Number:ULN2003AP
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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1143 Add To CartULN2003 Darlington Driver - 7Ch
1 to 4$1.49
5 to 9$1.34
10 to 24$1.19
25 or more$1.04
In Stock

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Image of Sku None IC Socket 16-Pin IC Socket 16-Pin
Image of Sku None IC Socket 16-Pin IC Socket 16-Pin
Image of Sku None IC Socket 16-Pin IC Socket 16-Pin

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