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      Sun Swinger Solar Powered Pendulum Kinetic Art Kit from Solarbotics

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      The SunSwinger uses solar powered electromagnet to make a pendulum swing under the arms of an attractive triangular frame. It's designed to work from solar energy but can be powered by practically any household battery or DC power supply (useful when you live in a dark cave!).

      The Sun Swinger is very flexible in how you can put it together. Solar cells can be mounted in several places; the pendulum length can be as long as you desire; you can make the magnet stationary and swing the circuit if you wish! It's a fun kit that gives you lots of room to create your own unique kinetic sculpture. Sun Swinger drives cats crazy too -- good thing it's a pretty tough device!

      This kit uses the "force-coil" circuit from Junkbots, Bugbots and Bots on Wheels.

      Data Sheet

      Quick Facts
      Catalog Number:2145
      Brand's Part Number:KPN

      This is an electronic kit which you must assemble by soldering.This kit cannot be returned once opened. Click here for our return and warranty policies ...


      Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
      2145Not available.Sun Swinger Solar Powered Pendulum Kinetic Art Kit$35.00 Out of Stock

            This product is covered by our No-Fail Guarantee, click for details      For Intermediate Builders     Soldering Required To Build This Kit      Get free shipping on orders including this item, click for details.

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