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      KABUTO MUSHI ROBOT  from OWI Robots

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      What the heck? Okay, well try to answer the obvious question, What is a Kabuto MushiRobot? Kabuto Mushi (Rhinoceros Beetle) Robot is an infrared remote controlled robot with caterpillar traction. The infrared remote control handset has 8 channels, each channel controls 4 motors: 2 motors control directional movement: forward, backward, left and right; one motor regulates the elevating position of the claw; lastly, the 4th motor operates the open and close dimension of the claw. Incumbent of its Japanese name Kabuto Mushi, the Rhinoceros Beetle is tough, durable, powerful, and has the no fear attitude. This easy-to-build kit will provide students, teachers, and hobbyist (with little to no experience), a fun and informative building session.

      Similar robots are currently being utilized in several rescue operations. Robots have become a useful tool to the human rescuer. Having provided valuable information such as video images at earthquake and disaster sites and data acquisition for the mobile tactical bomb squad, robots have proven themselves as a valuable asset in todays society.

      With OWIKITs, youll find full attention to detail, and Kabuto Mushi is no exception. The body and remote controlled handset is comprised of an elaborate set of plastic parts, hardware, motors, and circuit boards. No soldering is required for this Intermediate Experience (Ages 10+) level kit. The instruction manual is written to please educational instructors and the most discriminating parents. Discovery and cranial developmental products has enabled OWI to be a premier robotics kit provider. The user can learn about gear structure, battery wiring, motor principles, electronic circuits and circuit block diagrams, and mechanism of Kabuto Mushi. Easy to follow instructions and step by step illustrations ensure enjoyable and successful kit building. Its ideal for robotic workshops, after-school programs, special events, gifts, science enrichment camps, classroom activities, and fun plain FUN anywhere

      Quick Facts
      Catalog Number:4228
      Brand:OWI Robots
      Brand's Part Number:OWI-8800
      Manufacturer's Recommended Ages:10+


      Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
      4228Not available.KABUTO MUSHI ROBOT $99.99 Out of Stock

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