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Parallax Laser Range Finder from Parallax

the Parallax Laser Range Finder (LRF) Module is a distance-measuring instrument that uses laser technology to calculate the distance to a targeted object. The design uses a Propeller processor, CMOS camera, and laser diode to create a low-cost laser range finder. Distance to a targeted object is calculated by optical triangulation using simple trigonometry between the centroid of laser light, camera, and object.

Application Ideas:
  • Distance or liquid level measurements
  • Object detection and/or avoidance
  • Item counting

Additional Resources:
Grand Idea Studio's Laser Range Finder page (Off Site)
Demonstration videos of the LRF Module (You Tube)
Hack A Week by Dino Segovis (Off Site)
Object Sensing Robot using the LRF Module by Roy Eltham (You Tube)
LRF Development Diary post (Forums)
Beau Schwabe's video (Forums)

Designed in conjunction with Grand Idea Studio.


  • Compact module with integrated CMOS camera and laser system
  • Optimal measurement range of 648 inches (15122 cm) with an accuracy error <5%, average 3%
  • Maximum object detection distance of ~8 feet (2.4 meters)
  • Range finding sample rate of 1Hz
  • Single row, 4-pin, 0.1 header for easy connection to a host system


  • Power requirements: 5 VDC @ 150 mA
  • Communication: Asynchronous serial; 300115,200 baud with automatic baud rate detection
  • Dimensions: 3.95 x 1.55 x 0.67 in (10.05 x 3.95 x 1.7 cm)
  • Operating temperature: +32 to 122 F (0 to +50 C)

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Brand's Part Number:28044
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Parallax Laser Range Finder

Sku: 4594

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