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Multi Mode Timer Electronic Kit

Multi Mode Timer Electronic Kit

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This kit provides a timer controlled relay that is triggered in any of 7 operating modes. The operating mode and timing interval are set with DIP switches. The timer modes are (1) instant on, delayed off, level triggered, (2) instant on, delayed off, edge triggered, (3) delayed on, (4) instant on and hold, delayed off (5) toggling (6) instant on, delayed off, with pause and (7) delayed on with pause. The timer interval is selectable from 1 to 255 seconds (one second increments), 10 to 2550 seconds (ten second increments), 1 to 255 minutes (1 minute increments) or 10 to 2550 minutes (10 minute increments).
Brand: DIY Electronics
Brand Part Number: K141
Our Part Number: h1990

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