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Dual Power Supply Electronic Kit

Dual Power Supply Electronic Kit

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This is a basic power supply in a box using two 7805 regulators. Two regulated outputs are available - one fixed at 5V, the other variable from 5v up to the input voltage. This simple kit provides a good introduction to three terminal linear voltage regulators and can pay for itself quickly by reducing your use of batteries for electronic projects. You must provide a transformer (wallwart) from 7-20 VAC.

The kit includes a 2.5mm power jack which is the common wall transformer jack outside the USA. You may choose to substitute 2.1mm Power Jack, PCB mount.
Brand: DIY Electronics
Brand Part Number: K004
Our Part Number: h1235


2.1mm Power Jack, PCB mount
AC Power Adapter 9 VDC, 1000 mA

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