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Conductive Hook & Loop Strip - 2.5 cm x 40 cm

Conductive Hook & Loop Strip - 2.5 cm x 40 cm

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This a 40cm long strip of conductive hook & loop (Velcro). This conductive strip is perfect for e-textile projects where you need to make a complete circuit by simply forming a connection between the hook and loop pieces and is extra long so it can be cut to fit your needs. You can use this strip to light LEDs, form a simple on/off switch, make a pair of “velcro” shoes even sweeter than they already are, or pretty much anything you can come up with! Use it the same way you would use conductive thread.

Each strip is silver-treated to make it fully conductive and is 2.5cm wide and 40cm long (1"W x 15"L). Additionally, the surface resistance for both the hook and the loop is 1Ω per centimeter.


  • Surface Resistance: 1Ω per cm
  • Silver-Treated
  • Cut to Different Lengths
  • Sewable


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: COM-11832
Our Part Number: h5792


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