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Servo Motor in Clear Case

Servo Motor in Clear Case

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These unique gear motors are actually clear-case servos with continuous-rotation ability. No circuit board means you get a cheap, robust, servo-shaped motor with brass bushings on the output shaft.

Each motor comes with a standard servo accessory pack, and an output gear with stop for turning it into a standard 120 rotation servo-style motor.

These motors supply 47in*oz (3.4kg*cm) torque and 43rpm @ 4.8 volts (78mA free, 600mA stalled), or 56in*oz (4kg*cm) torque and 58.8rpm @ 6 volts (89mA free, 1.14A stalled). VERY good performance out of a 1.59oz (45g) motor measuring only 1.6" x 0.79" x 1.50" (40.6mm x 20.0mm x 38.0mm).

In other words, they're stronger and faster than the regular TS-53 / S3003 style servo we sell, for less money!
Brand: Solarbotics
Brand Part Number: GM4
Our Part Number: h1210


L293D Secret Motor Driver Electronic Kit

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