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Experiment with the zany behaviors, crazy motions, and fun applications of vibrating motors. From cell phone buzzers and video game controllers to pavement compactors and industrial movers and sorters, vibrating motors are found in countless devices and machines. They are increasingly used in haptic (or tactile feedback) technologies, which use motion or vibration to communicate information to users through their sense of touch. With this kit, children can build seven different models centered on a vibrating motor that demonstrate real-world uses for these energizing machines. The vibrating motor and specially designed legs and feet allow the models to move around simply with oscillating motion. Build a vibrating robot that shimmies, wiggles, twirls, and dances around. Learn how to control the robot's direction by changing the geometry of its arms and its weight balance. Construct a Mars rover model that bounces and shakes across the pretend surface of Mars. Make a vibrating bug and watch it hop around the tabletop. Assemble a doodling machine that creates abstract designs on paper with markers or pens. Build models of a vibrating fitness machine and a pavement compactor. Put together a skating machine that whizzes across the floor. The secret behind the models' vibrating motion is an imbalanced weight that rotates on a driveshaft connected to an electric motor. You can even see the off-center weight spinning through the motor unit's transparent case. This special motor unit allows you to connect it to all sorts of models and power them up with vibrational energy. Explore the exciting and animated world of vibrating motors and experiment to build your own wacky creations! A full-color, 24-page, illustrated experiment manual provides step-by-step assembly instructions and scientific explanations. Ages 8 and up. 80 pieces.

Brand: Thames & Kosmos
Brand Part Number: 620332
Our Part Number: h4955

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