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Photo Popper 4.2 BEAM Photovore Solar Cell Robot Kit

Photo Popper 4.2 BEAM Photovore Solar Cell Robot Kit

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Photopopper 4.2b Photovore, a light-seeking, obstacle avoiding BEAM Robot. This kit utilizes very small high-efficiency motors in combination with new circuitry to make a very active solar powered robot capable of covering a meter (3.3 feet) distance in under 2 minutes! For more than twice the power, you may want to try out the 37 x 33 mm solarcells listed below.

The BEAM Photopopper Photovore is a capable little self-contained robot that is powered entirely by solar energy, has light-sensing directional optics (eyes), and a pair of obstacle avoidance sensors. It uses the latest in high-activity BEAM electronics, utilizing new-technology voltage detection devices that use very little power to monitor power levels in the capacitor. This has been such an improvement over older methods that these new prototypes popped along right by with the old style photovores, which is where the name Photopopper came from. The pair of infrared detectors on the robot give it a very directed phototropic or light-seeking behavior, making it trace outlines around shadows, and be attracted to the brightest sources of light.

The Photopopper Photovore is the result of over a year's worth of work to develop a very active, light-seeking & obstacle-avoiding robot. Running entirely off of a small, single solarcell. Measuring only 2" x 3" and motivated by a pair of high-efficiency coreless motors, this BEAM robot can cover a meter (3.3 feet) in under 2 minutes in direct sunlight while avoiding physical obstacles in its path and avoiding shadow patches. All components necessary for the Photopopper are in the kit, including a high-quality printed circuit board, optics, motors, and a very complete 12 page instruction manual with over 26 illustrations and images. The BEAM Photopopper Photovore kit is designed to be a straight-forward kit to assemble and tune, but does require fundamental soldering skills and hand-tool abilities to complete successfully. (If you're brand-new to BEAM and electronics in general, we suggest you try the SolarSpeeder Kit first).
Brand: Solarbotics
Brand Part Number: KPP
Our Part Number: h1185

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