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Pi Rack Accessory board for Raspberry Pi

Pi Rack Accessory board for Raspberry Pi

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The PiRack is an backplane board allowing the connection of multiple IO boards to the Raspberry Pi. With the ability to connect up to 4 additional boards, the plug-in PiRack allows users ultimate flexibility in their Raspberry Pi projects. The PiRack can be powered separately from the Raspberry Pi, providing more options for powering complex applications. This carrier card is part of the PiFace series and can be used with most IO expansion boards that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi IO header. PiRack also enables the Pi Camera Module to be used at the same time. By taking IO expansion boards directly off the Raspberry Pi, PiRack enables the camera module to easily connect onto the Raspberry Pi using to the top mount CSI interface.

The official reseller channel for Raspberry Pi includes only a small number of giant, global distributors. If you need the best price, you need to buy from them. I buy them retail and am selling them marked up a bit. Buying your Raspberry Pi from Hobby Engineering may save you some time, hassle and shipping costs but you will not get the best possible price on the board itself. I hope you understand.
Brand: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Brand Part Number: PI RACK
Our Part Number: h4899

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