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Miniature Gear Motor: Right Angle Shaft

Miniature Gear Motor: Right Angle Shaft

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The GM7 is a baby version of our popular right-angle drive GM3 gearmotor, again designed by Mark Tilden to have tighter tolerances and better performance than a regular toy-style motor. These smaller, quicker 120:1 gear reduction ratio'd motors are sure to stir ideas!

This gearmotor starts rotation at 0.58 volts, turning 7RPM drawing only 46.5mA. At 5 volts, this unit really humms, spinning at 145RPM and drawing 88mA no-load (610mA stall producing 20in*oz torque). We've successfully used these units very well on solarengine circuits.

Like it's big-brother, this gearmotor also has a built-in safety clutch which engages at approximately 25in*oz (at 6.5V / 650mA). This motor also has a unique 2mm (0.8") crest diameter chrome-finish splined shaft can be pushed through the output gear to either side of the motor, and is also solderable! (If you do want to solder to it, yank the shaft right out, solder, then press it back in).

These motors have an overall size of 53mm x 13mm x 19mm (2.09" x 0.51" x 0.75"), and weigh in at only 20 grams (0.7oz). A tidy package, with pretty good power!
Brand: Tinkering Supplies
Brand Part Number: 1212
Our Part Number: h1212


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