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IR Decoder Electronic Kit

IR Decoder Electronic Kit

  • 1999

This kit uses a commercial 14 button remote control unit to trigger one of 14 output pins on a decoder IC. The output pins are normally high and go low for xms when the corresponding button is pressed. the pin corresponding to that button goes low. You can use this circuit to control up to 14 relays or to control the movement of a robot. This circuit is intended to be used as a component of larger systems, so no PCB is supplied. It is up to you to breadboard the application then make your own PCB. A sample application/test circuit is provided.

This kit includes:
  1. A 14 button Infra Red Remote Control. This is a pre-built remote which requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  2. a 3-pin Infrared Receiver Module, the Waitrony PIC1018SCL, which converts the modulated 38kHz signal into data pulses.
  3. An Atmel 89C2051-24PC microcontroller which we have preprogrammed to decode the IR data pulses from the remote control into one of 14 active low outputs. All required components for the microcontroller are supplied - a 12MHz ceramic resonator for the oscillator, resistor, capacitor and diode for the power-on reset circuit plus two 10K pullup resistors.
    Brand: DIY Electronics
    Brand Part Number: K092
    Our Part Number: h1487

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