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Small Solar Cell 37 x 33mm, 6.7V, 20mA

Small Solar Cell 37 x 33mm, 6.7V, 20mA

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This is a great solar panel which outputs a high enough voltage to directly drive electronic circuits or charge batteries.

The panel is built on a sturdy PCB substrate and is epoxy encapsulated to withstand rough handling.

The PCB includes solder pads to populate a simple "Miller Solarengine" which lets you pulse-power high current draw devices, like motors and electromagnets, that would otherwise require a large number of parallel cells. The addition of the circuit pads does not interfere with using this as a simple solar panel.

The panel is really two sub-panels connected in series. The series connector is accessible as a PCB trace on the back. You can cut that trace and wire the cells in parallel to turn this into a 3.3V, 80mA panel.
Brand: Solarbotics
Brand Part Number: SCC3733
Our Part Number: h1660

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