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Time'n and Count'n

Time'n and Count'n

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"Time'n and Count'n" is an intermediate level book on 16-bit timing and counting applications using Microchip Technology's PIC microcontrollers. More opportunities for creating fun projects are described. Learning to use timer 1 (TMR1) with it's powerful capture, compare and pulse width modulation (PWM) modes will expand your PIC microcontroller design capabilities significantly. TMR1, which is an on-board feature of many of the mid-range PIC microcontrollers, is a 16-bit timer/counter. The maximum count is 65,535 vs. 255 for timer 0 (TMR0). This is a big help! TMR1 used in conjunction with the capture, compare, PWM (CCP) module may be programmed to do useful things unattended leaving the PIC free to perform other tasks. A special pin may be used for external inputs to TMR1 and another special pin may be used as an external output from TMR1. The techniques presented in the book are useful for generating single time intervals and free running outputs as well as for measuring period and frequency. PWM using TMR1 unattended is also described. These timing and counting techniques serve as the basis for designing and building your own period and frequency generating and measuring test equipment as described in the book.
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