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Sumovore PIC 16F877A Brain Kit

  • 2495

This upgrade brain board for Sumovore turns it into a programmable robot powered by a Microchip PIC 16F877A. This board replaces the Sumovore's discreet brainboard and features:
  • 33 I/O lines
  • Eight 10-bit ADC
  • Two PWM channels
  • In-circuit programming
  • Five indicator LEDs
  • Three servo/aux headers
  • Extra breadboarding space for customized support circuitry
  • 5-pin and RJ11-6 programming headers
The kit includes the 16F877A which comes pre-programmed with mini-sumo and line-follower behaviors. You will have to fabricate your own programming cable starting with a standard PC printer cable (not included). Instructions are provided in the assembly manual.
Brand: Solarbotics
Brand Part Number: KSV-PIC
Our Part Number: h1805

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