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L298 Motor Driver Dual H-Bridge Electronic Kit

L298 Motor Driver Dual H-Bridge Electronic Kit

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The L298 is a popular dual H-bridge IC that is usable from 6 to 50V, at up to 4A total output current. By itself, the IC is somewhat difficult to use because of the staggered 0.05" lead spacing. This kit includes the L298, a custom PCB and all other parts required to build an easy to use dual H-bridge module.

  • Four motor direction indicator LEDs
  • An onboard 5V low-dropout regulator which can be used to power the rest of your logic circuitry
  • Schottky EMF-protection diodes
  • Screw-terminals for power and motor connections
  • Female header connectors for easy logic interfacing
  • A small 1.53" (40mm) square footprint
Brand: Solarbotics
Brand Part Number: KCMD
Our Part Number: h1918

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