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Solar Car Toyota RaRa X

Solar Car Toyota RaRa X

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This is the Solar Car Toyota "RaRa X" Kit from Tamiya.

Debuting in the 1992 Solar Car Rally in Noto, Japan, the Toyota RaRa X introduced its four-wheel design in the typically three-wheeled competition. The brilliant red, orange, yellow and pink colors are well represented in this miniature kit.

  • A realistic model of the "RaRa X" solar car.
  • Solar panel provides power for the motor.
  • Kit can be assembled by snapping and screwing parts together-no glue is needed.
  • 0.5V-300mAh solar panel.
  • Steerable rear wheel.
  • Plastic parts are attached to sprue trees.
  • Motor and solar panel are included.
  • Detailed pictorial instructions.
  • One Solar Car Kyocera "RaRa X" Kit.
  • Assembly
  • Hobby Knife
  • Side Cutter
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
Brand: Tamiya
Brand Part Number: 76503
Our Part Number: h2372

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