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Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller

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Ready-to-build 8051 microcontroller projects--at your fingertips. Probably the most successful microcontroller on the market today, Intel's legendary 8051 lives on in enhanced versions sold by more than 20 chip manufacturers. Packed with over 30 experiments using Dallas Semiconductor's "HSM" flavors of the 8051 plus the Atmel AT89Cx051 "Flash" based versions, Myke Predko's Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller puts you in control of the 8051's architecture and instruction set--and even supplies a baker's dozen of ready-to-build example applications, programs and circuits. (You'll see how to create an Atmel AT89Cx061 programmer...a device emulator that exploits the 8051's ability to access external memory...a robot based on the Tamiya "Wall Hugging Mouse"--complete with a TV remote control interface...two real-time 8051 operating systems...and many other exciting projects). Best of all, the included CD-ROM supplies source code for the book's experiments and applications, a demonstration cop of the "UMPS" integrated development environment (IDE), and data sheets for the Dallas Semiconductor and Atmel 8051 compatible devices.
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