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Hook-Up Wire 22 AWG Topcoated Stranded Violet (25' Spool)

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This is pre-tinned 22ga hookup wire suitable for use with solderless breadboards and for soldered point-to-point wiring. It is not suitable for use with most crimp connectors. The extra stiffness from the continuous tinning may make it undesirable for some wiring harness applications.

The wire consists of 7 strands of 30ga wire. Each strand is individually tinned to minimize oxidation. The strands are also tinned as a unit allowing the wire to be inserted without fraying like solid wire while maintaining most of the break resistance of normal stranded wire. PVC insulation rated to 300v. Maximum recommended current 7A. UL style 1007. Outside diameter .062".

Click here for regular Hook-Up Wire 22 AWG Stranded Violet (25' Spool).
Brand: Tinkering Supplies
Brand Part Number: 823-7-25
Our Part Number: h4280

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