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Ethernet Digital Interface Module Ether I/O 24 R DIP

Ethernet Digital Interface Module Ether I/O 24 R DIP

  • 15999

The Ether I/O 24 is an integrated, micro-controller based network interface board with 24 digital user I/O lines. The modules firmware and hardware enable your devices or other modules to be connected to a generic Ethernet network and controlled using a command sent over the network via UDP. Each of the 24 User I/O lines operates at 5V DC maximum levels and can be independently programmed as an Input whose state can be remotely sensed via another network device, an Input whose state is internally checked and transmitted when a change occurs, or an output whose state can be remotely controlled by another networked device.

This is is the Dual In-Line Package (DIP) equivalent of our existing Ethernet Digital Interface Module Ether I/O 24 R.

  • Home or Industrial Automation
  • Digital Input and Output from any Networked PC
  • Remote Data Acquisition and/or Alarm Monitoring by Network or Internet
  • PC Controlled Machines and Distributed Machine I/O
  • Remote Lighting / Power control and/or monitoring
Brand: Elexol Pty Ltd
Brand Part Number: ETHERIO24RDIP
Our Part Number: h4393


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