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Learn how by connecting many levers together you can create models with complex motion. Learn how such links can be applied on various machines and build 6 working models including a mechanical extendable arm, a lifting platform, a pantograph, a moving figures toy, a folding ladder and a parallel weighting scale. A 36 page activity book is included with innovative experiments and detailed explanation of the different technological principles applied! Booklet with detailed building instructions also included.

The set includes a 31 page, colorful, highly illustrated activity book which explains the science and applications of linkages with the following chapters:
  • What will we learn?
  • A little history of cranks
  • What is a linkage anyway?
  • A view on levers
  • Pantograph
  • Types of linkages
  • How to make an exact straight line
  • Big quiz time
  • Comments and Solutions
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    Brand: Tinkering Supplies
    Brand Part Number: 4409
    Our Part Number: h4409

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