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Attacking Inch Worm Mini Solar Robot Kit

Attacking Inch Worm Mini Solar Robot Kit

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Dangerous? Youve got to be kidding me? An inch worm?... Attacking Inch worm has orange spiky limbs to ward off any predator who seeks to challenge it as a delectable delight. Its initial defensive mechanism may fool intruders for a moment, but still requires a way to heed out of harms way. The suns rays power this mini solar kit to slither along to safety. The mechanical movements simulate the movements of its soft-bodied derivative. Because its home is above ground, Attacking Inch Worm has a hard plastic body to protect itself. This slender creeping animal is the next logical kit if you have already assembled the Super Solar Racing Car (OWI-MSK671) or the Frightened Grasshopper (OWI-MSK670). It demonstrates alternative energy principles. No batteries required and less than fifty parts to assemble.

Brand: OWI Robots
Brand Part Number: OWI-MSK673
Our Part Number: h4650

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