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Mechanical Beetle - Obstacle Evading Type

Mechanical Beetle - Obstacle Evading Type

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This amazing beetle-robot walks with its four legs while swinging its horn. When it bumps into an obstacle, it turns around automatically and will continue walking. Horn, legs and body on which the gearbox is mounted employ transparent-colored parts, giving the beetle a funky look. Reverse switch is also transparent, giving you a peek at the beetle's internal mechanisms. Assembly is very simple with use of screws and snap-lock parts.

Power from the rotating motor is transferred to the legs via crank plates to make the tiger walk. 2 possible gear ratios coupled with 4 different strides let you choose 8 different speeds. A reverse switch also allows backward movement. A see-through switch with yellow transparent parts adds a cool, futuristic look. Moreover, this feature also allows you to see internal mechanisms.

A mechanical animal with a humorous cartoon faceTiger's body parts have been molded with yellow semi-transparent plastic. Stickers to reproduce tiger's stripes and a humorous cartoon face are included.
Brand: Tamiya
Brand Part Number: 71103
Our Part Number: h4751


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