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Dual Relay Board Kit

Dual Relay Board Kit

  • 2499

Once properly assembled, the Dual Relay Board Kit allows you to control two high-power devices up to 8A each via the included Omron mechanical relays. The Dual Relay Board can be used to turn lights, fans and motors on/off while keeping them isolated from the microcontroller. Independent control of each relay is provided via a 2 x 3 header making it friendly with servo cables and providing a convenient connection to many development boards, such as the Board of Education, Propeller Board of Education, Professional Development Board and Propeller Professional Development Board. LEDs indicate relay status.

Application Ideas:
  • 120 VAC brushless lighting/fan control
  • 12 VDC automotive applications
  • HVAC duct/damper control
Brand: Parallax
Brand Part Number: 27114
Our Part Number: h4780

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