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Thermocouple Amplifier AD595-AQ

Thermocouple Amplifier AD595-AQ

  • 1933

Analog Devices Thermocouple Type-K Amplifier. Attach a thermocouple, 5V power, and a decoupling capacitor and you’ve got 10mV/C output! Perfect for high temperature application. The 10mV/C analog output interfaces nicely with 10-bit ADCs found on many types of microcontrollers.

  • +/- 3C Accuracy
  • 10mV per degree C Output
  • Laser Trimmed 250mV Output at 25C
  • 5V-15V Power Supply
  • Requires only a decoupling capacitor


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: COM-00306
Our Part Number: h5542


SparkFun Thermocouple Breakout - MAX31855K
Thermocouple Type-K - Glass Braid Insulated (Bare Wire)
Thermocouple Connector - PCC-SMP-K