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Big Red Box - Enclosure

Big Red Box - Enclosure

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This is the Big Red Box! These beefy, bright red, flanged, plastic enclosures will give your widget the protection (and attention) it deserves. You’ve probably seen these used to enclose radio equipment or antenna baluns as they can be secured to a pole using U-bolts (not included). At about 3mm thick, this 74x158x90mm enclosure has plenty of space for gizmos, gadgets, widgets and doohickeys. The mounting flanges extend 19mm from either edge with two 50mm-spaced 7mm diameter holes.

There’s a rubber gasket around the inside of the lid which forms a dust and moisture resistant seal when the screws are tightened down making the Big Red Box essentially weather/water proof. The lid is secured with six 4mm screws (included).


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: PRT-11366
Our Part Number: h5749


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