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Spring Connectors (pack of 10)

Spring Connectors (pack of 10)

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If these spring connectors look familiar to you, they should. They have been used in a multitude of beginner electronic labs teaching the basics of circuitry and electronics. All you would have to do is push the spring back and insert a wire lead in between to coils, and voilà, you have made a solderless connection. We remember how easily these spring connectors were to use when we first handled them, so why not incorporate them into a project now?

We are offering these steel spring connectors in packs of ten with each end ground flat to make soldering easier for you. These can even be used on protoboards with 0.1" spacing, by using a grid of 9 holes (check the video below).

Note: The board that you see in the photos to the left can be found under the name “SPRING-CONN” in our Eagle Library.

Dimensions: 0.25x0.35"


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: PRT-11822
Our Part Number: h5791


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