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ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor

ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor

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The ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor is a touchless sensor that is capable of looking for simple gestures. Developed in conjunction with XYZ Interactive, the sensor uses their GestureSense® technology to recognize the distance of an object away from the sensor up to about 10 inches (~25cm) and the location of the object from side to side across the sensor in about a 6 inch (~15cm) span. You will be able to use I2C or UART to communicate with the ZX Sensor via an Arduino-based microcontroller as well as a computer.

On board each ZX Sensor you will find two IR LEDs (inside the brass tubes) and one IR receiver (in the middle). The brass tubes that protect the IR LEDs are actually to block any infrared light going directly from the LEDs to the receiver (we want the light to bounce off an object first). With these IR pieces you will easily be able to ascertain both the Z axis and the X axis of an object (hence the name). In addition to providing Z- and X- axis data about an object, the ZX Sensor is also capable of detecting simple gestures. We have also clearly labeled all the pin outs on the board as well as signifying if they are needed in I2C or UART communication.

Note: Be sure to check out the Hookup Guide in the Documents section below for instructions on how to get your ZX Sensor started, load the code and library, and a list of supported gestures.


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V - 5V
  • Z-Axis Recognition Range: 10 Inches (~25cm)
  • X-Axis Recognition Range: 6 Inches (~15cm)
  • 4 Supported Gesture Commands
  • I2C or UART Communication


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: SEN-12780
Our Part Number: h5894


SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino
FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V - Female Header Output
Header .1" Male 40-Pin Break-Away for PCB
SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor - APDS-9960
SparkFun ToF Range Finder Sensor - VL6180
Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F
Premium Male/Male Jumper Wires - 6" (Pack of 10)
Breadboard - Mini Modular (White)

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