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Stepping into Science

Stepping into Science

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  • Introduction to scientific inquiry for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Learn about plants, physics, chemistry, air, and water
  • Easy-to-follow illustrated experiments

Begin a lifetime of scientific investigation and understanding with 25 fun experiments in five key areas: nature, physics, chemistry, air, and water.

Learn what plants need in order to grow, build a barometer, see how water climbs, watch plants sweat, and investigate plant propagation. Discover how a magnifying glass enlarges, how colors mix, how static electricity attracts, how sundials tell time, and how a motion picture works. Investigate air pressure, air flow, hovercraft, paper airplanes, and suction. Write secret messages, float a paper clip, blow super bubbles, observe capillary action, and test displacement. Build a soap-driven boat, mix oil and water, experiment with evaporation, paint with sugar, and watch a balloon inflate itself

With a 48-page guidebook, Stepping into Science teaches science fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments, while also introducing children to the scientific method itself.

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