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Onyx 220 AC/DC Programmable Charger w/LCD

  • 8999

This is the DuraTrax Onyx 220 AC/DC Peak Charger with Backlit LCD. **Attention International Customers-** **The AC input voltage of this charger is 110V.** **220 refers only to the model number.**

With adjustable charge current ranging from 0.1 to 5 amps, the Onyx 220 is an excellent choice for applications as small as 1/32 scale electrics to 1/8 scale electrics. The 4-8 cell output range also makes this charger ideal for nitro receiver packs and transmitter packs.

  • Charges 4-8 cell NiCd or NiMH 4.8 - 9.6V cells with a capacity range of 50 - 9900mAh
  • Pushbutton controls and audible tones for easy setup and control
  • Five battery memories are included for quick changes between battery types
  • Fully adjustable charge currents and NiCd and NiMH flexibility for a wide range of applications
  • Precise peak detection with automatic TRICKLE charge fills packs completely for optimum voltage and run time, 3 - 20mV adjustable peak detection helps to customize charger-to-battery performance
  • Built-in jack included for charging 4 or 5 cell NiCd or NiMH receiver batteries for nitro models, even 8-cell transmitter packs
  • Custom reversed LCD with backlight for easy viewing in any condition shows input and output voltges, peak voltage, charge current, charge capacity and time and more
  • Small, lightweight switching AC power supply delivers up to 5 amps of charge current
  • Solid state reverse polarity and current overload safety devices
  • FIVE YEAR warranty (U.S.A. and Canada only)
  • DuraTrax Onyx 220 AC/DC Sport Peak Charger
  • Ac Input: 110V AC 60Hz
  • Dc Input: 11-15V DC, built-in lead with alligator clips
  • Battery Types: 4-8 NiCd or NiMH cells (4.8-9.6V)
  • Battery Capacity Range: 50-9900mAh
  • Fast Charge Current: 0.1A, 5.0A linear adjustable (40W max.)
  • Fast Charge Termination: Peak detection
  • Fast Charge Safety Timer: OFF-300 minutes
  • Peak Sensitivity: 3 - 20mV adjustable
  • Trickle Charge Current: Automatic 1/20 fast charge setting or manual
  • adjust (0-250mA)
  • Controls: 4 pushbuttons
  • Battery Memories: 5
  • Display Type: 2x8 reversed LCD with backlight
  • Audible Indicators: Start, stop, errors
  • Output Connections: Built-in lead with Kyosho type connector
  • Built-in jack for charging 4 or 5 cell Rx packs
  • *Standard to Deans Ultra Male Adapter available
  • separately (GPMM3131)
  • *Standard to Vendetta, MiniQuake, RS4 Battery
  • available separately (DTXC2210)
  • Protective Devices: Solid-state reverse polarity and current overload
  • Case Size: 5.7 x 5.1 x 1.8" (145 x 130 x 45mm)
  • Weight: 20.4oz (578g)
  • For batteries using a Traxxas type connector, order the TRAC3061 adapter.
  • The manual mentions a cooling fan but this model DOES NOT have a cooling fan.
Brand: Duratrax
Brand Part Number: DTXP4220
Our Part Number: h6277

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