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Micro 90 degree Bellcrank System

Micro 90 degree Bellcrank System

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This is a 90 degree Micro Bellcrank System from Du-Bro.

  • Nylon and brass construction
  • One 90 degree (L-shape) nylon arm
  • One brass grommet (used as a pivot bushing for the nylon arm)
  • One slotted round head self-tapping screw (2.2x10mm)
  • One flat washer 6.3 x 3.1 x 0.53mm (ODxIDxThickness)
  • A slotted screwdriver
  • Length: 20.48mm each L portion of the arm
  • Width: 5.3mm widest point of the arm
  • Height: 3.25mm the pivot portion of the arm
  • 1.12mm arm portion
  • Diameter: (If applicable)
Brand: Du-Bro Products, Inc.
Brand Part Number: 851
Our Part Number: h6580