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3680-01 Smart Sticks (80)

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This is a Package of 80 Natural Wood IQ Sticks from The Chenille Kraft Company. Excellent for Crafts at Any Age.

  • Natural wood color may be painted or stained to any desired color, or left as the natural color.
  • Ideal for grade school teachers to use for class projects.
  • These wood pieces look like popsicle sticks with square and triangular etchings on the sides (possibly for interlocking).
  • When looking at the wider flat side, etchings create I shapes.
  • Ends are rounded.
  • Package comes with two bundles of 40 sticks.
  • Package is hangable.
  • One Package of 80 Natural Wood IQ Sticks
  • Length: 4-1/2" (11.4cm)
  • Wood may splinter; therefore, keep away from children age 3 and under.
Brand: Chenille Kraft Company
Brand Part Number: 3680-01
Our Part Number: h7171