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3.5 Adjustable Outboard Motor Mount (1/pkg)

3.5 Adjustable Outboard Motor Mount (1/pkg)

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This is an Adjustable .21 (3.5cc) Out-Board Motor Mount. This Mounts to the Outside of the Rear of Boat and the Engine Mounts to This. Fits Out-Board Engines like K&B and OS Max.

  • Fully Adjustable, Raising and Lowering the Motor 3/8".
  • Angling and Trimming the Engine is Simple with Easy To Reach Adjustments.
  • Made of Aluminum and Glass-Filled Nylon with Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware.
  • Two Aluminum Angle Mount Brackets
  • One Glass-Filled Nylon Pivot Bracket
  • Six Cap Head Screws
  • Six Nylon Nuts
  • Twelve Washers
  • One 7/64" Allen Wrench.
Brand: Du-Bro Products, Inc.
Brand Part Number: 3101
Our Part Number: h7176