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A2203 Aztek Broad Stroke EZ Airbrush Set

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This is a Testors A220 Single Action, External Mix Airbrush.

  • Airbrush has a lightweight body, with easy-to-adjust controls and patented quick change capability.
  • Used for large area coverage and general spraying.
  • Set includes a cleaning wire.
  • Hose screws easily into top of propellant can to start paint flow.
  • One Single Action Airbrush
  • One Hose
  • One 15cc Bottle
  • One 20cc Bottle
  • One 28mm Quick Change Cap
  • One 33mm Quick Change Cap
  • One Compressor Adapter
  • One Cleaning Wire
  • One Instructional Manual
  • Propellant
  • Paint
  • Assembly
  • Airbrush: Length: 5" (127mm)
  • 15Cc Bottle: 1/2oz
  • 20Cc Bottle: 2/3oz
  • 28mm Siphon Cap
  • 33mm Siphon Cap
  • Instruction manual provides detailed pictures and explanations for help in getting started.
  • Airbrush painting is a unique and detailed way to paint various models.
Brand: Testors
Brand Part Number: A2203
Our Part Number: h7580