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We also accept PayPal

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Updated December 28, 2015

I am constantly adding new products in my quest to be a fantastic, comprehensive supplier of parts, tools and information for your electronics, robotics and kinetic art projects.

Don't forget to use the search box and menu bars on the left side of every page to help find what you need.

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Ethernet I/O Module

EtherIO24 Now in stock! The new EtherIO24 gives you the capability to distribute digital control equipment anywhere you can reach with an Ethernet cable or wireless network. Since the EtherIO24 uses industry standard connections and protocols you can use almost any PC, workstation or network host as a controller for robotic or industrial automation applications. The EtherIO24 is supported by a family of peripheral I/O boards that make connections a snap.

If your applications don't need the power of Ethernet we also offer a family of USB modules to provide similar capabilities within the range of industry standard USB cabling.

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Competitive Mini-Sumo Breakthrough

Mini-sumo competition is going to get a lot tougher now that Solarbotics has released its new Sumovore kit. Sumovore sets a new high mark in mini-sumo kit capability with powerful stock motors and a full complement of sensors. It also has a great deal of expansion capability to catch the attention of advanced builders.

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Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a lower cost education gift?

Or one that can get to you in a hurry without breaking the bank?

Check my Stocking Stuffer guide for great products that are packed with educational value but are easy on your checkbook and light enough to fly across the country via economical Priority Mail.

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New! All‑In‑One Power

The Propeller Activity Board has it all:
  • Powerful Processor
  • Programmable in C
  • Wired & Wireless Communications
  • Analog & Digital I/O
  • Connectors Pre-Soldered
  • Intelligent Power Management
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Boe-Bot: The Complete Robot Kit


The Boe-Bot is one of our best selling robot kits because it provides everything you need to get started in robotics including parts, software and books.

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Look At These Bots!

Think you can't build your own bot from scratch? Think again! Look at these great bots made during an intense Engineering Design Process class that takes high school teachers with no robotics experiences and gets them to the point where they can build these in about one long week.

Click here for more information and a parts list ...

I Love Math

Physics Class Force Vector Drawing
I started Hobby Engineering because I wanted to help people get interested in engineering, starting with my son who was in middle school at the time. Ten years later he is a professional engineer ... and I'm not. I've wanted to be an engineer since at least high school, but find the math pretty challenging. I haven't let that stop me from trying. I hope you don't let your challenges stop you either.

Click here to read the full story about my adventures in math class ...
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The content on this page was updated on 12/28/2015