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glyph  Electromechanical ComponentsMotorsGeared DC Motors (Assembled)      |       Click here for printer friendly page ...

Gear Motor 9: Right Angle Shaft from Tinkering Supplies

Picture of product

This 143:1 gearmotor is much like the GM3 gearmotor but runs at nearly twice the speed. This motor goes 66RPM at 5V, drawing 670mA at stall while providing 43 in*oz torque. Free running at at 5 volts is 73.2mA.

With a 7mm double-flat output shaft (there is no output on the other side), and a built-in clutch and built-in mounting screw holes, you can see why we like these motors!

These units have an overall size of 70.5mm (2.78") x 27mm (1.06") x 23mm (0.906") thick.

Quick Facts
Catalog Number:1415
Brand:Tinkering Supplies
Brand's Part Number:1415
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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1415 Add To CartGear Motor 9: Right Angle Shaft
2 to 9$6.79
10 to 19$6.39
20 or more$5.99
In Stock
5003 Add To CartGear Motor and Wheel Combo
More Information
2 to 9$9.34
10 to 19$8.79
20 or more$8.24
In Stock


Image of Sku None 2-5/8" GM Series Plastic Wheels 2-5/8" GM Series Plastic Wheels
Image of Sku None 30mm Plastic Wheel for GM Axle 30mm Plastic Wheel for GM Axle

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