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      Thingamajig Multi-Vehicle Kit from Tinkering Supplies

      Picture of product

      Picture of product

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      This is a kit of parts that lets you build three or four vehicles of your own design using different methods of locomotion. The kit includes two wood bases, two styrofoam bases, a variety of wheels and axles, a mousetrap, balloons, propellers, rubber bands and other useful bits of hardware -- but no instructions. Actually, the kit does have instructions but they are marked "Do Not Open Unless Totally Stumped!" Recommended for ages 12 and older.

      Requires common household tools and supplies including scissors, a small hammer, and tape. The kit includes a real mousetrap -- keep your fingers out of the way!. This kit includes plenty of parts for party, classroom or scout activities. Or for one kid with a lot of imagination! It is

      Quick Facts
      Catalog Number:1674
      Brand:Tinkering Supplies
      Brand's Part Number:1674
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      Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
      1674 Add To CartThingamajig Multi-Vehicle Kit$22.99 In Stock

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