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      Soldering Training Kit: Siren Project

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      Soldering is an essential skill if you want to build or repair your own electronic circuits. This kit provides a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to soldering for electronics. It includes a printed manual that that explains soldering theory and practice and shows how to identify the most commonly used electronic components. The kits includes a nicely made printed circuit board (PCB) and all the components needed to build an electronic siren as your first soldering project.

      The kit includes a tube of solder and a strip of desoldering braid. You need to provide your own soldering iron, such as Basic Soldering Tool Set or Solder Wick, and a 9v battery such as Alkaline 9v Battery - Pack of 1.

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      Catalog Number:2080
      Brand:Elenco Electronics
      Brand's Part Number:SP-1A
      Page Count: 16 pages
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      2080 Add To CartSoldering Training Kit: Siren Project$12.95 In Stock

            For Beginning Builders     Soldering Required To Build This Kit

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