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Sensors Section

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You may also want to look at sensor products in the Counters, Timers and Sensors category of our Electronic Kits section and in the Sensors category of our ICs section.
Ultrasonic Sensors

Picture of productUltrasonic Range Finder SRF08 (High Performance) from Tinkering Supplies

This is the smarter cousin of Devantech's popular SRF04 sonar sensor. It provides twice the sensing range of the SRF04 plus an on-board MCU which handles the critical timing functions and distance calculations. The SRF08 can report up to 17 echoes from each ping, allowing your robot to identify the shape of a target or identify an open doorway. Echoes can be reported as inches, centimeters or time of reflection. Its overall range is approximately 1" to 18'. Catalog number: 1053. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: 1053L.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1053 Add To CartUltrasonic Range Finder SRF08 (High Performance)$64.99 In Stock


 Ultrasonic Range Finder SRF08 with Header from Tinkering Supplies

The factory supplied SRF08 provides pads to which you must solder wires or a 5-pin header such as our Header .100" PCB Male 5-Pin. This part is just a standard SRF08 with the header pre-soldered for your convenience. You may also want to order a pre-built cable Cable for Ultrasonic Sensors. Catalog number: 1176. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: 1176L.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1176 Add To CartUltrasonic Range Finder SRF08 with Header$69.99 In Stock

     No Soldering Required
IR and Light Sensors
Listed below are some of our most popular optical sensor modules. You should also take a look at IR LEDs, Detectors and Sensor Modules in our LEDs and Photodetectors section.

Picture of productSharp GP2D12 IR Sensor - 30" / Analog

This is an integrated sensor with IR emitter, detector, optics and timing logic. Its output is an analog voltage proportional to the distance to the nearest object in its field of view. The output signal is compatible with low-cost ADC circuits including those built into many robot controllers. The sensor can detect objects within a range of approximately 4" to 30".

The electrical connections to this sensor use an unusual miniature connector. We recommend that you order either Cable for Sharp 3-Pin IR Sensors or Cable for Sharp 3-Pin IR Sensors for Breadboarding with your sensor. Catalog number: 1061. Brand: Sharp. Brand's Part Number: GP2D12.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1061 Add To CartSharp GP2D12 IR Sensor - 30" / Analog$13.99 In Stock

Other Sensors

 DS1620 Temperature Sensor from Tinkering Supplies

The DS1620 is as a digital thermometer with +/-0.5C accuracy from a -0C to +70C. The temperature is read out over a 3-wire serial bus in 2's complement format with 9 bits of resolution. Higher resolution readings can be calculated using data from the DS1620 counter and slope accumulator registers. Catalog number: 1042. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: 1042L.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1042 Add To CartDS1620 Temperature Sensor$7.75 In Stock


Picture of productMagnetic Compass from Tinkering Supplies

This device uses magnetic sensors to provide compass direction accurate to within 3-4 degrees of true direction after calibration. Its resolution is 0.1 degree so it can be used to detect very small amounts wandering from an initial course. The device provides both PWM and I2C output for interconnection to almost any controller. Catalog number: 1067. Brand: Tinkering Supplies. Brand's Part Number: 1067L.

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Stock NumberBuyProduct TitlePriceStatus
1067 Add To CartMagnetic Compass$54.99 In Stock

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