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Wi-Pi Raspberry Pi 802.11n Wireless Adapter

Wi-Pi Raspberry Pi 802.11n Wireless Adapter

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A 802.11n compliant wireless client for your Raspberry Pi installation. Tested with the Raspberry Pi release of Debian Linux. Drivers are built into the Raspberry Pi software release and like most other adapters it supports WPA and WPA2 security features.

The official reseller channel for Raspberry Pi includes only a small number of giant, global distributors. If you need the best price, you need to buy from them. I buy them retail and am selling them marked up a bit. Buying your Raspberry Pi from Hobby Engineering may save you some time, hassle and shipping costs but you will not get the best possible price on the board itself. I hope you understand.
Brand: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Brand Part Number: 2133900
Our Part Number: h4901

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