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SHARP Memory Display Breakout - Silver Monochrome (1.3", 96x96)

SHARP Memory Display Breakout - Silver Monochrome (1.3", 96x96)

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Our friends over at Adafruit have made this nifty, little breakout using one of SHARP’s silver monochrome memory displays. This little board houses a 1.3", 96x96 screen that performs similarly to an e-paper display with its ultra-low power usage and an LCD with its fast-refresh rates. The SHARP Memory Display does not include a backlight and is readable in daylight but you may need a little assistance reading it in the dark with an external light source.

The display requires to be powered with 3V (with 3V logic), and is placed on an assembled breakout board with a 3V regulator and level shifting circuitry. Meanwhile the current draw depends on refresh rate, so at 1Hz the display will be at 12uW (4uA @ 3.3V). It should be noted that the display is write only and though it may only need three pins to send data through it also means that the all 96x96 bits (1152 bytes) will need to be buffered by a microcontroller driver like on an Arduino Uno. In doing this you will take up about half of the available RAM on your dev board.


  • 1x SHARP Memory Display Breakout
  • 1x Header Strip - 13x1


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: LCD-13192
Our Part Number: h5979


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