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Logic Probe Electronic Kit

Logic Probe Electronic Kit

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A logic probe indicates the digital signal level (one, zero or pulsing) at a test point. While a standard digital or analog voltmeter can be used to show steady state signals, it can't respond quickly enough to show the short pulses that are common in digial circuits. When using a volmeter most digital circuits appear to be idle or locked-up. Logic probes are small and cheap enough that you can generally afford to have several clipped into a troublesome circuit to simultaneously monitor its overall operation. The logic proble you build with this kit is switch selectable for either TTL or CMOS signal levels and can detect very fast pulses. It gives both a visual (3 LEDs) and audio (piezo buzzer) indication of circuit activity.
Brand: DIY Electronics
Brand Part Number: K024
Our Part Number: h1240

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