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Video Game Shield

Video Game Shield

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The Video Game Shield is an Arduino add-on shield to make your own video games, including graphics, text, sound effects, and music!

Using the power of open source, this Shield includes everything you need to make awesome black-and-white video games on your TV. It supports up to two Nintendo Wii Nunchuck controllers for an easy and familiar interface. Do you need to output text, graphics, or audio through RCA jacks to a TV? Do you need to work with two Nunchucks at the same time? You can do both of these things with Wayne and Laynes Video Game Shield.

Does not include an Arduino or any controllers. Please note that you need a recent Arduino with the 328 chip, not one of the older Arduinos with the 168 chip. An Arduino Mega wont work "out of the box" but the Video Game Shield can be easily modified to work with the Arduino Mega.
Brand: Tinkering Supplies
Brand Part Number: 4519
Our Part Number: h4519

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