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SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply Stick 5V/3.3V

SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply Stick 5V/3.3V

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This is a very simple board that takes a 6-12V input voltage and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage. All headers are 0.1" pitch for simple insertion into a breadboard.

Input power can be supplied to either the DC barrel jack or the two pin header labeled + and -. Output power is supplied to the pins labeled GND and VCC. Board has both an On/Off switch and a voltage select switch (3.3V/5V).

The two pairs of GND and VCC holes are spaced such that when connected to our Basic Breadboard both power busses will be powered.

Check out our Unregulated Power Supply Tutorial!

Note: Headers are not supplied. You will need to supply your own headers to connect this board to a breadboard. Check below for some breakaway header strips.

Note: We’ve released a new version of the SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply Stick, it can be found SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply Stick - 5V/3.3V! The new version functions the exact same way as this older model but we’ve made a few changes to footprints, the silkscreen, and added a second set of pins that output to the breadboard to help with stabilization. Go check it out!

Dimensions: 2.15x0.65"


  • 6-12V input voltage via barrel jack or 2-pin header
  • 3.3V or 5V regulated output voltage
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Output voltage select switch
  • Power status LED
  • PTC fuse protected power
  • 5.5x2.1mm center positive barrel jack


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: PRT-10804
Our Part Number: h5701


Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White)
Header .1" Male 40-Pin Break-Away for PCB
Breadboard - Translucent Self-Adhesive (Clear)
AC Power Adapter - 9VDC 650mA
Female Headers
9V Battery Snaps to 2.1mm Power Plug Cable
SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply 5V/3.3V
SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply Stick - 3.3V/1.8V