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SparkFun Capacitor Kit

SparkFun Capacitor Kit

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This is a kit that provides you with a basic assortment of capacitors to start or continue your electronics tinkering. No more looking under your desk to see if you can find a spare capacitor you might have dropped a year ago. With this kit you get over 100 of the most popular capacitors. As a bonus they come in a box with a sticker to help you identify which capacitor is which.

This assortment of capacitors makes a great gift for beginner and advanced electronics nerds at any time of year!


  • 10pf capacitors (x10)
  • 22pF capacitors (x10)
  • 100pF capacitors (x10)
  • 1nF capacitors (x10)
  • 10nF capacitors (x10)
  • 100nF capacitors (x25)
  • 1µF capacitors (x10)
  • 10µF capacitors (x10)
  • 100µF capacitors (x10)
  • 1000µF capacitors (x10)


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: KIT-13698
Our Part Number: h6038


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