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Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF

Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF

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This is a very common 0.1uF capacitor. Used on all sorts of applications to decouple ICs from power supplies. 0.1" spaced leads make this a perfect candidate for breadboarding and perf boarding. Rated at 50V.

If you need a bunch of these, you can get good bulk discounts on Digikey, part # : 399-4266-ND

Documents:Power Supply Lecture

Sold in single pieces

Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: COM-08375
Our Part Number: h5570


Breadboard - Self-Adhesive (White)
Breadboard - Translucent Self-Adhesive (Clear)
SparkFun Capacitor Kit
Breadboard - Mini Modular (White)
Breadboard - Mini Modular (Red)

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