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Connector / LED Indicator I/O Board

Connector / LED Indicator I/O Board

  • 3499

This board provides 8 screw terminal blocks to simplify wiring of control equipment.
  • Screw terminal blocks for attaching wires to each channel
  • LED indicator for each I/O
  • Solder pads for installation of pull-up or pull-down resistors
  • 72mm board width allows use of standard DIN mounting rails
  • 0.1 inch 2x5 male header for connection to controller
  • Includes 12 inch (30cm) ribbon cable with female headers at each end for connection to USBIO24 Digital I/O Module MKIII, Ethernet IO24 Digital I/O Module or other control equipment.
    Brand: Elexol Pty Ltd
    Brand Part Number: IOCONNECTOR
    Our Part Number: h2024

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