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I/O Port Status Board

I/O Port Status Board

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The Port Status Board is an accessory board that allows visual indication as well as offering test points to the I/O pins of a single port on Elexols IO24 Controller Range.

The board consists of 8 buffered LED indicators that provide a visual indication of the current state on the port.

There are also two 10-way box headers so that it can be connected in-line without inhibiting the function of the current port. The connection between the IO24 module and the Port Status Board is via a 30 cm IDC connection cable. This cable is provided with the board.

The board has been designed to a 72mm standard width so that it can easily be mounted in DIN rail mounting modules.
Brand: Elexol Pty Ltd
Brand Part Number: IOPORTSTATUS
Our Part Number: h4712

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